Mud’s Inspection & Welding Services Pty Ltd (Trading as Macfab Engineering) was established in 1996 by Wayne (Mud) and Michelle Clarke.
Macfab Engineering is manufacturer to design of a diverse range of metal fabrications, which we are also capable of delivering and installing anywhere in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. The business operates from 28 Ariel Drive Albury, which is on the New South Wales – Victorian border. The factory is well equipped to manufacture structural, stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum and sheet metal fabrications.

In June 2013 we moved into our new built-for purpose factory and administration facility at 28 Ariel Drive Albury. The new total factory floor space is now 3,350 square meters and our modern new office is 750 square meters.

Macfab Engineering over the years has worked on many diverse engineering projects, we have approximately 70 employees comprising of 2 working fulltime Directors, a General Manager, Quality Manager, Senior Project Supervisor, fully qualified Engineers as Project Co-ordinators, Administration staff, 32 tradesmen, 8 apprentices and 10 trades assistants. Macfab Engineering also has access to a reliable source of subcontractors and labor hire employees, when required.

We are a member of the Albury Northside Chamber of Commerce, and utilize their resources to keep abreast of information on issues and initiatives, in our changing business environment.

Macfab Engineering has National Roads Maritime Service Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction Contracts Category S, and this has recently been extended for another 3 years.

We are fully compliant with the National Code of Practice for Construction Industry, and also check to ensure that our supplier and subcontractors also comply. Macfab Engineering is regularly audited by the Masters Builders Association to ensure we are compliant with the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry, and never experience any issues.

The Borella Road Overpass, Albury

The Borella Rd Overpass, Albury

Moore Park Bridge, Sydney


Ocean Avenger Plus Drill Line

Macfab Engineering are currently arranging for the installation of an Ocean Avenger Plus Drill Line, which will enhance our ability to drill, thread, countersink, mill and do carbide scribing. The single spindle carbide drilling unit traverses the length of the material support table and automatically measures the placement of individual holes within a part program. Profiles placed along the edge of the material support table are automatically detected by the drill spindle via an innovative laser sensing device, and processed accordingly. The drill line has been described as a “horizontal CNC radial arm drill on steroids”.

National Supplier Prequalification

Macfab has qualified for RMS National Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction Contracts Category S, and in 2014 this requalification was again extended for another 3 years.

Improved Galavanising process

Macfab Engineering in conjunction with our local galvanizers, have improved the way that our barrier rail sections are galvanized. During the galvanizing process the barrier rails are dipped into the molten zinc for coating, and then removed at a slow gradual rate, so as prevent zinc build up. Previously areas of high zinc build up has been ground back using an abrasive tool and then touched up by applying gal paint. After an analysis of the dipping process, we have been able to determine the optimum rate of removal from the zinc bath, and this has dramatically reduced the amount of touching up that is now required, leading to a superior product and a reduction of costs.

Even though we have easy access to city based galvanizers, we chose to use a local supplier, because we have not yet been able to find an alternative that can match their quality.

Improved packaging

Macfab Engineering has improved the way that our twin rails are transported to site, so as to minimize damage and to improve the presentation of the product. We now use plastic strapping, instead of the conventional metal straps to lock rails together.

Macfab Engineering have also developed and manufactured a new plastic inter-locking packer, which is used to prevent the galvanizing finish being tarnished by rubbing.

Barrier rail installation bracket

Macfab Engineering have designed and constructed a holding bracket that can be easily retrofitted to forklifts that will assist in the fitting and handling of heavy bridge railings. The bracket, which also includes a tool tray, reduces the risk of poorly secured railings falling off or sliding on the forks while in transit, and enables the railing to be oriented into position while virtually eliminating manual handling. This innovation was nominated for the 2011 for the Work Cover – Work Safe Awards.

Project Coordinators

Macfab Engineering now employs 5 (all qualified engineers) project coordinators, who are assigned specifically to our customer’s projects. These people are charged with knowing everything about the projects they are assigned, liaising and keeping our customers updated and ensuring that the project is completed to the requirements of our customers.

Operate on Day and Afternoon shift

To optimize the use of our facilities and to minimize the production time of our fabrications, Macfab Engineering operates a day and afternoon shift, which means on each work day we are manufacturing for a minimum of 19.5 hours.

Business Awards

  • 2016 NSW Business Chamber Awards – Excellence in Business – Regional Finalist
  • 2016 NSW Business Chamber Awards – Business Leader – Regional Finalist
  • 2016 Manufacturers’ Monthly – Endeavour Awards 2016 – Lifetime Achievement Award – Finalist
  • 2012 Steel Design Awards (Vic & Tas) – Highly commended for South Morang Rail Extension
  • 2011 Chamber of Business Award – Nominated for best small / medium business
  • 2010 Chamber of Business Award – Winner of best small / medium business
  • 2010 Endeavour Awards – Finalist (Strategic plan creation and implementation)
  • 2008, 2009 & 2010 Chamber of Business Award – Finalist in Excellence in manufacturing
  • 2004 Champion of Champions (Sydney) – Finalist in Manufacturing

Meet The Team

Wayne (Mud) Clarke
Managing Director & Sales Manager


Wayne Mud Clarke is the Managing Director of Macfab Engineering and is also responsible for the duties of the Sales Manager. Mud has over 30 years of leadership, management and engineering experience in the construction industry. He has gained experience in project management, estimation, tendering, contracts and business development. Mud is a boilermaker by trade and a WTIA qualified welding Inspector.

Michelle Clarke
Director & Administration Manager


Michelle Clarke is the Director and Company Secretary at Macfab Engineering and is also responsible for theduties of Administration Manager. Michelle has over 25 years’ experience of leadership, management and thorough experience in HR and workers’ compensation within the construction industry. Michelle has also gained experience in general management, finance, IR and business marketing, with a background in Social Work and charity organisations. Michelle has also completed various training courses in Leadership and Management.